Friday, April 29, 2011

Princesses to be... Gloss XX


Prince charming?
Find your prince charming with these simple tips…
While Kate Middleton is getting ready for the royal wedding… Gloss shows you how to bring out the princess in you. 

1.     Be confident and Happy. Don’t let anyone tell you your not beautiful because   a princess is always beautiful.
2.     Play some of your favorite music Whilst getting ready
3.     Highlight your natural beauty.
Nails should be kept manicured and painted with something light such as        pink, nude, clear or French polish.
Hair should be shiny and smooth with a soft wave. Maybe even treat yourself to a trip to the hairdressers to get a blow dry or classic up style. Keep it soft, classic and natural.
Makeup- Use a minimal foundation that is luminous. Use soft blush to subtly highlight your check bones. Try to stick to neutral colours for your eyes. Gloss suggests: A Bone coloured eye shadow and a stick of liquid eyeliner, only on the top lashes and finish with mascara.
Finish off your look with a Lip shade that compliments your skin tone, however, nothing too bright or dark.
Jewelry should be kept simple and elegant. Wear only a few pieces at a time. Wear pearls to make the look timeless.
4.     Get dressed up in something that makes you feel like a princess. Choose some cute heels to match. Make sure it is elegant and Classy.
5.     Smile!

Note: Add tiara if desired :)


Every girl has a prince charming... Some just haven't found him yet!


Gloss... xx

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nude Lip Trend… Gloss xx

For a girl on the go Nude Lips are your beauty savior.  
Coat your lips with a concealer and sweep with powder for staying power. 
 Fill in your lips with a Nude lip pencil then go over it with your fav Nude Lipstick. 
We love: BYS and Revlon Lipstick in Nude.
Gloss x


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stand out... Gloss xx

You should stand out, not your makeup!
There is nothing more beautiful then when someone is comfortable in their own skin.
Gloss xx


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Get the look… All bronzed up xx

Give your admirers the illusion of tanned, glowing skin with this bronzed look.
Apply this look all year round to relive a fresh summer glow. Balance this look out with a black eyeliner and loads of sun kissed hues. 
Get this look: 1.  BYS Glitter Eye Shadow 2.  BYS Metallics Eye Shadow- $4.95  3. BYS Eye Pencil $3.95 4.  BYS Island Bronze face and body Bronzer $9.95