Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Latest Giveaway!

Want to win one of these Chi Chi packs including: One Eye Shadow Quad, One Nail Polish and One Eau De Parfum Spray?*

How to enter? Suggest us to your friends, tweet about us, blog about us, update your status or any other way you can think of to spread the word about Gloss!

Just let us know how many ways you have spread the word via Facebook, Twitter or comment below...the more ways you spread the love the MORE entries you get!

The competition closes 4pm on the 19th of January so there's plenty of time to enter! Good luck Glossies! xxx


* Colours and Scents may vary
** Open to Australian Residents only


  1. Hey there, I have suggested, shared as a status, tweeted and just screamed your name out my lounge room window!!!!
    What a brilliant giveaway!!! :-D

  2. i have suggested to friends,tweeted and shared on my facebook, great prize!

  3. Hey guys! I've just suggested you to all my friends on Facebook~!

  4. Sorry for double posting, forgot to add this in with my previous post - also tweeted it via your tweet button here: :-)

    I've also e-mailed this comp around! xx

  5. I have email this link to my friends to let them know:

    I've suggested to friends on facebook (sent invites explaining comp)

    And I've tweeted about it with twitter and blog links here:

  6. I have suggested to friends on Facebook
    I have tagged you in a status
    I have retweeted on Twitter @keppers
    and I have tweeted on twitter

  7. Hi there,

    i've tweeted the giveaway

    suggested to facebook friends :)

  8. Thanks guys! All in the draw with your respective entries xxx

  9. Hey Thanks gloss girls!! Love Ya lots!!

    I have Tweeted @steviemarie89
    I have Suggested Friends to Like/join Glosscosmetics
    And have Tagged you in my FaceBook Status!!!

    Love Stevie xx

  10. Love giveaway, I have suggested updated status tagged with your name :)

  11. I can vouch for Stevie Marie she sure has spread the love about gloss! I have never heard of Gloss until now, you have some very deliciously yummy products from what I have seen on your website and now I am here posting this thanks to Stevie Marie - Make up artist extraordinaire! Go Stevie you deserve to win it!

  12. Shared on facebook, great products! :)

  13. Suggested more friends, retweeted and shared on my Facebook page.

  14. Have retweeted your giveaway tweets and have also suggested to friends on facebook


  15. I just tweeted it, facebooked it, myspaced it, beboed it, tumblerd it, wrote it all on my arms , legs and back (I went to the shops) I then proceeded to yell out on the escalotor at centro galleria "I LOVE GLOSS COSMETICS ADD THEM ON FACEBOOK!!!" I have also writtin a song about how much I love gloss!

  16. I've liked you on Facebook, and retweeted about your comp at

  17. I have:
    1. Suggested to friends
    2. Tweeted (!/bubble__tea/status/25136030210326529)
    3. Spread the word on my Facebook status =]

  18. hey .. i have suggested to friends
    posted to my profile on facebook from here.
    tagged you in my status.
    tweeted @kellzees glossgroupies and gloss cosmetics australia feacebook site links.

  19. I don't have facebook, so I tweeted about gloss :)
    my tweet is linked here!

  20. Suggested, shared & Tweeted ! @MellissaD

  21. I've suggested, shared, PM and tagged on Facebook, sent texts, emailed and phoned a friend :) What an amazing prize!!!

  22. Suggested shared on facebook and tweeted, gorgeous giveaway fingers crossed : ))

  23. I tweeted, Did a blog entry, updated my facebook status with the Gloss giveaway, and suggested Gloss to my friends on facebook too.