Friday, June 3, 2011

The Friday HOT tip... Gloss xx

Lash out with Lashes


Lash application
There are so many different types of false eyelashes on the market its no wonder us girls can get confused. A set of lashes can make all the difference. Lashes generally do come with glue but for staying power I recommend to buy separate adhesive glue for your lashes.

Strip lashes are like shoes- you need them to fit properly. Some will be too short or too big for you. The trick is to cut them down to fit the length of your own lash line.
Individual lashes are great- apply them mostly to the outer corners as this gives a seductive, eye opening effect.

You can apply mascara before or after, whichever works for you. I usually prefer applying after… but make sure the glue is dried.

Remember… Practice makes perfect!

Gloss xx

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